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Animals Asia Foundation

Animals Asia Foundation LogoBased in Hong Kong, Animals Asia Foundation is a government-registered animal welfare charity.

Their largest project is China Bear Rescue where, in Chengdu, Sichuan Province, the Moon Bear Rescue Centre and Sanctuary is the focal point.

Animals Asia is committed to forging realistic solutions to the problems faced by animals in today's ever-changing environment. These solutions are created in three ways:

By Negotiation: By communicating and cooperating with governments to work together on solutions.

By Investigation: The needs of local animals in Asian countries are identified using the latest veterinary techniques, animal care and conservation science via a network of field officers. .

By Education: Community programmes which change people's attitudes towards the animals so that they can co-exist peacefully alongside each other.

The organisation aim to keep both administration and fundraising costs as small as possible so that the donations received do directly benefit their projects. Expenditure on is carefully controlled and monitored to ensure that funds are being used effectively.

Founded by Jill Robinson MBE in 1998, Animals Asia also has charitable status in UK, USA, Germany and Australia - donations being tax-deductible in these countries..

Animals Asia has offices in the UK and Germany that have offices, plus employees and volunteers working out of their homes in Australia, USA and New Zealand.

As their Moon Bear Rescue Centre and Sanctuary grows and opens, Animals Asia hope to add to their current employees who are In China, they employee 2 full-time vets, 3 vet nurses, 2 bear managers, 12 management staff and over 100 administrative staff and workers.

Support the Animals Asia Foundation

Supporting the Animals Asia Foundation helps rescue Bears from chinese bear farms and helps continue the running of their Bear Sanctuary

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Support WSPA and help us stamp out cruel practices like Bear Farming.


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Supporting the WLT helps protect the habitat of the Spectacled Bear which is on the Endangered Species List

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