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Bear Baiting

The word Bear baiting, as amply clear from the name itself, is a teasing act where bears are tied to a post after removing their nails and claws, and attacked by dogs. Bear baiting is possibly the world‘s most savage blood sport for wild-life animals, which you could expect in the present age!

This inhuman and terrible practice is usually held at local fairs in Pakistan, though much of this practice has been stopped due to continuous opposition. The dogs are pitted against bears that are without their claws and teeth; and to top it all, they are tied to a post, thus limiting their movement. It can be well gauged what torture and excruciating pain bears must undergo in order to be prepared for this sport—removing the teeth, and nails is never a pleasing exercise!

Bear baiting is prevalent in Pakistan only, though it is illegal act according to the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act of 1890 and the Pakistan Wildlife Act. Bear baiting is also illegal under Islamic Law to bait animals. However, apart from the laws, opposition is still needed for individual events, and people need to be motivated to know about the law.

Injuries involved in bear baiting

People will generally conceive that dogs would be thrashed in a clash with bears, but after reading the above description and knowing the conditions that are set upon the bears, one can well imagine the plight of bears. It goes without saying that bears sustain more injuries than dogs, which may involve ripped noses and mouths. Bears are left only with their physical power to deal with the dogs, who due to their multiplicity and intact teeth and claws, are able to give a good fight. There is much fun for the spectators, but hardly so for the bears!

Many times, bears sustain permanent scars and injuries, though the owners of the fight do not allow killing of any animal. However, it is crystal clear that they presume the bear to be a monster, which has been stripped off its powers and attacked by some pests—both are valuable to the owner, and thus, they save their lives for the next round of the sport!

Statistics and other matters

It is obvious that dogs are easily available, and therefore, their number in the sport is more than the number of bears. Though with consistent efforts of wild life organizations and Pakistani Government, the number of such events has been reduced and the wild-life officials of Pakistani Government are working hard to achieve full control on such events.

People that turn out to watch the sport are usually in thousands, and around 1500-2000 people watch one event. Awareness among the people about the suffering involved and other animal issues can greatly help to reduce the event of bear baiting; as if the spectators are reduced, the owners will not be able to survive on the pain born by the animals.

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