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Bear Hunting

Hunting is never good for any type of animals or species, though it has a long game-like tradition and has been inherited by civilization across the world down from the centuries. Kings and highly-placed people of bygone eras used to hunt the animals in the wild for the enjoyment, and no wonder the practice holds well even with the modern man; though there have many organsations and oppositions to such activity. Many governments and wild-life authorities have come to the rescue of the wild animals, and have imposed certain kinds of bans on hunting.

Bear hunting is a popular sport enjoyed by the people across the globe for many reasons—gall bladder of the bear, its fur, and certain other parts of the body, which are used for various functions varying from medicines to garments, etc.

Bear hunter demand is always a good propellant for people to hunt the innocent bears roaming in their areas of wild nature. Some of the prime motives of bear hunting include recreation, food, clothing, weapons, and ornaments, and medicines, etc.

Bear damages and nuisances are also one of the major reasons for the hatred in men toward this animal, and they take it hard to hunt the bears—bears often indulge themselves in destruction of beehives, foraging at garbage dumps, destroying crops, feeding on grain at livestock feeders, damage to trees, harassing campers, and killing of livestock, and therefore, they are done with this ultimate trick!

Some of the dense and develop areas, which have certain kind of access to the bears also face problems in damage to wooden structures and bird feeders, scavenging garbage cans and pet food, automobile accidents, and simple public sightings—though some of these problems are not serious enough to be rewarded by death, but still, human mind does not like to be troubled unnecessary, and that even by an animal!

Reasons for bear hunting

  • Reported cases of crop and agriculture damage by the bears.
  • Bears like honey and, therefore, bee farming faces many problems from the bears.
  • Automobile accidents also propel the human mind to reduce the population of bears in the surrounding areas.
  • Attacks on humans by bears also end up in bear hunting.
  • Damage to farm and property is also a big nuisance for the humans to bear the loss—it often results in bear hunting in the surrounding areas.

Action needed

It is clear that sometimes humans also suffer from bear attacks and various problems, but government and wildlife authorities should take appropriate steps to solve the problems in both ways—the wild areas should be protected from any type of hunting activity; and at the same time, wild animals should also not have access to the human population. This will help in saving the endangered species of animals and birds, and would also help to flourish the bears to their fullest grandeur.

Educational and promotional activities should also be sponsored in order to educate the people about the negative effects of hunting on our environment and ecological system.

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Since 1981, The World Society for the Protection of Animals has fought to realise a dream where animal welfare matters and animal cruelty ends. Having successfully eradicated the practice of Bear Dancing in Greece and Turkey, we are now hoping to bring an end to the inhumane industry of Bear Bile Farming. None of this would be possible without the generosity of our supporters.

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