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Bear Parks

Bear parks, though do not sound too much of problems, but the suffering of bears in those bear parks are quite noticeable. Particularly, in Japan, bears are kept in concrete enclosures and made to beg for food in the name of public entertainment, which is obviously, not a healthy practice to conduct.

Bears captivated in bear parks are solely kept for public amusement and more often than not, bears are advertised or shown as big monsters, and no proper education is provided to visitors about the bears and their natural life. Most of the time, bears are kept as a show-piece, who does not have a life of its own and is made only for others—a total inhuman perspective of a humane life!

Points of bear parks

  1. It is noticed that standards and recommendations set forth by the Japanese Government and the Japanese Association of Zoological Gardens and Aquariums are not met by the bear park authorities, and it does not do any good to the captivated bears
  2. Bear parks do not have sufficient shelter or space for the bears where they can stay or live their life.
  3. Overcrowding is one of the major problems seen in bear parks, whereas more bears are stuffed into a particular space, which often results in fights and clashes for the resources, and ultimately results in injuries.
  4. The built-up or the materials used for making up the enclosures for bears are not adequate for their growth or sustenance.
  5. Nutrition and other facilities provided to the bears are not adequate, and the health of the bears does not respond to the work that they have to carry out in those bear parks to amuse the spectators.

How to Improve the Bear Parks

Anybody, who chooses to visit bear parks, can easily frame that the condition of bears in these parks is pathetic and needs certain changes to ensure more natural habitat, where they can keep their species-specific behaviour.

In their natural and wild habitat, bears live in a rich and varied environment, which extends its ranges over hundreds of miles, and offer variety of activities. However, the condition of enclosures in the bear parks is like providing an elephant with a quantity of food that a single human eats in his or her single meal—it does not befit the size and of course the need! Large forest like spaces should be provided to the bears, if they have to be kept in the bear parks at all. The flooring of the enclosures is often concrete, which simply does not suit to the behaviour of bears in any way—more natural environment should be provided.

Time and freedom should be provided to the bears to perform their activities, which allow the total growth of the captivated bears. Proper veterinary care and nutritious food should also be provided to ensure that they do not suffer from some disease or injuries.

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