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Dancing Bears

Dancing bears is one of the most cherished sights by children and adults alike in India and Pakistan. Though dancing bears are a familiar sight in circuses also, but dancing bears in streets and in fairs is also popular. It has been estimated that bears in thousands, including Asiatic Black bears and Sloth bears, are involved or forced to dance for public entertainment.

Though the public enjoy dancing bears a lot, but few realize the suffering and pain involved in the capture of the bears from wild, and the inhuman training they have to undergo in order to earn some morsel of food from the so-called owners.

Process involved for dancing bears

The process of dancing bear, as appeared to the crowd to be enchanting and fun-filled, is not the true depiction of real one—the owners of the dancing bears often poach the young cubs of bears while the mother is away, and sometimes the mother is killed to take away the children. It has also been noted that many of the stolen bear cubs die due to neglect of food and proper care, and also from dehydration even before they are sold for training to somebody.

Almost all dancing bears are made to suffer a lot of physical pain, as all of them have a hole pierced through their lips, nose, or palate through which a rope or a chain runs. It goes without saying that no anesthetic is used to soften some of the pain involved in it. Moreover, the teeth and claws are often removed to prevent any injury to the person who is supposed to handle the dancing bear during the show. Owners of dancing bears do not make a healthy living, and it is obvious that they can’t provide any facility to the bears—they are treated in most inhuman way and are made into a mean of their income without any feeling, whatsoever!

It sounds strange that bears like dancing in order to shrug off suffering, pain, and stress, and sometimes even tiredness! When the ropes and chains are tugged into the fresh holes even before they are healed, constant pain and infection trouble the bears, who learn the dancing quickly in order to relieve their pain.

Health of dancing bears

As mentioned earlier, the owners of dancing bear hardly earn their own food, and they are never in a position to provide proper food to the bears, and thus, the health of the bears decline disastrously.

Problems of cataracst and blindness are also found in dancing bears, which is mainly caused due to the malnutrition of the bears. Some stereotypic behaviour involving repetitive pacing movements are also noticed, which are a direct characteristic of mental damage on the bears.

Dancing bears even do not enjoy proper food; leave apart the luxury that they have in their wild life—it is like a prison to the person who had not committed any crime, but being an animal!

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Since 1981, The World Society for the Protection of Animals has fought to realise a dream where animal welfare matters and animal cruelty ends. Having successfully eradicated the practice of Bear Dancing in Greece and Turkey, we are now hoping to bring an end to the inhumane industry of Bear Bile Farming. None of this would be possible without the generosity of our supporters.

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