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How you can help!

Do you have a website or blog? If so you could link to us and help us to promote the plight of bears worldwide.

If you can link to us please select one of the links below or maybe even use a banner.

Many Thanks!

Text Links

To use please cut and paste the relevant code below onto your website.

Help the Bears

<a href="" title="Help the Bears">Help the Bears</a>

Save the Bears

<a href="" title="Save the Bears">Save the Bears</a>


<a href="" title="Help the Bears" border=0><img src="" width="150" height="150"></a>

Bear Profiles

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HOw can I help?

Bear Campaigns

Find out more about Bears


Support WSPA and help us stamp out cruel practices like Bear Farming.


Help protect endangered Species and Habitats by joining the WWF


Supporting the WLT helps protect the habitat of the Spectacled Bear which is on the Endangered Species List

SPECIAL FEATURES: Tracking Polar Bears

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